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Grenada Industrial Development Corp.
Frequenté Industrial Park
St. George's
Grenada, West Indies

Phone: 1 (473) 444-1033-35
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Investor's Guide

The Complete guide for the business investor- An in-depth look at the procedures for business investments in Grenada, from owning properties to obtaining permits and licenses. Each section within the guide gives step-by-step instructions for a successful investment process.




Latest News
GIDC Participates In ICT Week 2015, Presents Opportunities In The Sector
Friday, March 27, 2015

 GIDC’s Information Systems & Technology Specialist Keron Noel explained that ICT is one of the growth sectors identified in the Grenada Investment Promotion Strategy 2012. Noel gave examples of companies such as Clear Harbor and KM2 Solutions being two ICT investments facilitated by GIDC.

Grenada Mentioned in "A Taste of Travel, Exploring the World with Michele Peterson"
Thursday, February 19, 2015

I’m in Toronto daydreaming about living in a beach cottage in Grenada. A year ago I would have been hard-pressed to find the island on a map– it was one of the mysterious “G” countries near the equator such as Guyana or Guadeloupe. But after spending some time criss-crossing the island researching a culinary story for Taste & Travel Magazine (watch for it Summer 2015), it seems I’ve caught “Move to Grenada” fever. - 


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What Investors Say...
"...the island was simply beautiful and made an old sailors saying ring true “The further South in latitude the better the people’s attitude."
-- David Cullen, Owner BCPI

About GIDC

The Grenada Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) was established in 1985 as the statutory arm of the Government of Grenada responsible for promoting and facilitating the establishment and expansion of private business enterprises in Grenada.  

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